How to Deal with the Iceberg Below the Surface w/ Alen Mayer [Episode 333]

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Among the many topics that Alen and I discuss are how he learned to ask the right questions to prospects, how your mindset influences your selling behavior and the buying behavior of prospects, whether most sales professionals actually identify the right concerns of prospects, and how buyers expect to be engaged by sales reps.

Joining me on this episode of Accelerate! is my friend Alen Mayer. Alen is a sales thought leader, CEO of North American Sales Training, and author of Selling For Introverts.


Alen started his career selling excavators in Europe. Learn how he learned to ask the right questions to avoid the hard sell.

What is unique about the Iceberg Sales Model?

What three beliefs influence the motivation of a sales professional?

How do you uncover the state of mind, values, and personal buying criteria of your prospects?

What do sales managers need to understand about their individual reps?

Little changes below the surface make big changes above the surface.

How can a manager help a sales team uncover their clients’ state of mind, values, and criteria?

What kinds of questions uncover the emotions behind client statements?

What mindset and tactics does a sales rep need?

Beliefs can be challenged, and they will be defended, but they can be changed through personal engagement.

Is it more productive to treat clients as types, or as individuals?


Is it easier to teach a technical non-salesperson how to sell, or to teach a salesperson to sell a technical product?

I have taught sales skills to technical people. For the salespeople, I would rather that a salesperson have a technical person in the room, than to try to teach them the technology.

One non-business book every salesperson should read?

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.