How To Create Value for Your Prospects w/ Jack Kosakowski [Episode 412]

In this episode, we dig deep into what challenges sales teams face today, and how to overcome them in a definitive fashion.

Today’s guest is Jack Kosakowski, Global Head of B2B Social Sales Execution at Creation Agency.


A sales professional for 12 years — in manufacturing and tech — Jack found a niche in social sales. His passion is integrating social into B2B sales.

Jack gives his straightforward assessment of the single biggest challenge sales representatives face today. He follows up by describing a general problem with the SDR model.

What happens to the sales process, in companies under high pressure to grow?

Jack talks about shortcuts that turn out not to be pathways to sales success.

The discussion turns to training issues.

Jack has advice for marketing and sales alignment.

What is different about B2B selling today, than before the use of the account-based sales model?

The Art vs. the Science of Sales: the Debate. Jack would like to know the sales equation, if there is one.

Jack covers building the right team, creating the right processes, stacks, and sales training strategy.

Jack talks about questions sales representatives ask.

How to dig deeper.

Jack has learned more empathy for the buyer by being pitched. What skills has he seen lacking, among sales reps who called on him? Could they have given more memorable value?

How does social media selling allow the sales professional to sell proactively?

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.