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How RevOps Fuels Account Based Experiences with Jon Miller [Ep. 7]

This week we have our first official guest on the podcast. Sure, we’ve had our producer Alec talk a few times, but that doesn’t count. We’re talking about a REAL guest. The OG of account-based… well, everything: Jon Miller (CMO of Demandbase). Not only did he co-found Marketo, where he helped transform marketing automation. But as founder of Engagio (which was later acquired by Demandbase), Jon drove the account-based marketing phenomenon. So, today we’re talking about, you guessed it, account-based everything, or what Jon now calls ABX (account-based experience).


About the Guest:

Connect with Jon on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonmiller2

Follow Jon on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonmiller

Learn more about Demandbase: http://demandbase.com

Demandbase TV: https://your.demandbase.com/dbtv/the-abxperience

Get The Clear and Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience: https://demandbase.com/guide


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