Harness Word of Mouth Marketing for a Sales Boom w/ Bill Bice [Episode 733]

Bill Bice, CEO of Boomtime, joins me on this episode.


  • Boomtime brings scale and efficiency to marketing. They combine technology and expertise to provide marketing as a service. Aggregating data opens up insights into your buyers, whatever size your company may be.
  • Bill has founded several companies whose success correlates directly to the effectiveness of their go-to-market strategies. Bill started Boomtime to improve his companies’ marketing results.
  • Bill first asks a CEO from where their last couple of clients came. If they were referrals, that company is a prospect for Boomtime’s word-of-mouth marketing service.
  • Bill follows a structured interview process with new clients to understand their business. Boomtime provides a content-driven approach to marketing and positions the CEO and their business as thought leaders.
  • Boomtime helps you to do three things better: 1) capture the leads and referrals that are already coming in, 2) follow up on those leads, and 3) stay top-of-mind with the audience you are growing. Use CRM to track your clients.
  • Create great content for your audience about their problems and your solutions for them. Bill uses the insight-driven Challenger Sale. Use your insights to leave your clients better off because of meeting with you.
  • Gartner’s new research suggests that while buyers have access to all the information, they need sales reps to help them make sense of it. Sales reps must be consultants. Prospects you don’t sell can still give you referrals.
  • You can’t sell without relationships. You can’t sell only by relationships. The main advantage small companies have is putting a face on their business. Real people are behind the solution. “About us” is an essential page on your site.
  • Tell the story exactly how you want to tell it. Put passion into the bios, not just facts. Direct the viewer to the next page to visit. Drive the customer experience on your site.
  • SEO has changed dramatically. SEO suppliers charge $2K to $3K a month for effective results. But you don’t need it. Google now evaluates your website as a human does. Focus on a steady flow of great content to attract traffic.
  • Bill has used LinkedIn to build his business. He uses it as the ideal networking event — without the food. Grow your network. Don’t pitch in connection requests; post great embedded content and let clients come to you.
  • You can use a dedicated resource like Boomtime or someone in-house whose job is to run your CEO’s LinkedIn profile and send out connection requests for them. Activity creates conversations. Stay on top of them.