Focus on Sales Behaviors — not Product w/ Sean Sheppard [Episode 734]

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Sean Sheppard, Sales Influencer and the Founder and CEO of GrowthX, joins me again on this episode.

I have another excellent episode lined up for you today coming back and joining me for a second time on the show is Sean Sheppard. Sean is the founder and CEO of GrowthX. GrowthX is a Silicon Valley based venture capital partnership with an accelerator focused on sales.

And in this week’s episode. I’ll be talking to Sean about what he calls The Lasting-Mover Advantage. And we’ve all heard of the First-Mover Advantage. Well in our conversation today, Sean and I got to talk about why it pays to go slow upfront in order to grow faster? Later.

In this conversation, Sean and I dove into the three things you need to own as the sales team to establish that Lasting-Mover Advantage.

  • We’ll talk about why it starts with owning a customer use case. We’ll dig into that.
  • After that, once you own the customer use case, what must you do to own their thoughts and actions that they take around it and also get into how to design an organization around the knowledge, skills and behaviors that you need to keep owning the use case as it invariably evolves.
  • And let’s get into why it’s so important for companies to have a learning mindset to maintain the lasting mover advantage.