Focus Marketing And Selling On The Buyer w/ Wayne Cerullo [Episode 720]

Wayne Cerullo, Chief Prospect Officer at B2P Partners, joins me on this episode.


  • B2P Partners helps marketers and salespeople be more focused on the people who are their prospects.
  • Sellers have two data issues: 1. The data overwhelms us. 2. We focus on the pipes instead of on the prospects in them.
  • According to MacTech’s Scott Brinker, there are 7,040 MarTech companies. Wayne believes MarTech distracts from the marketing work we really need to do.
  • Marketing and sales are turning into ‘program management.’ The danger is that focusing on data diverts focus from the prospects we are trying to help.
  • Instead of their experience, people depend on numbers. Wayne discusses the limitations of quantitative data. What is the real meaning of the data?
  • What does the buyer want? They want the problem they’re trying to solve to go away. Buying something is the least attractive option for solving their problem.
  • Wayne proposes that the role of sellers is not just for the buyer to buy their technology but also to change the way buying teams do business in their company. Buying is a public decision made with their colleagues.
  • The buyer’s progress through their buying process is not linear. We don’t yet know how to use data to help the buyer in the buying process.
  • No-decision accounts never got to the point of deciding to buy. That decision needs to be made early. B2P Partners probes into when the decision to fix an issue was reached by the prospect. It takes a lot of engagements to find out.
  • Your product is not a good fit for everyone. Don’t waste time handling objections if you should be finding a better prospect. Understand the experience your customer is having, their needs, and their buying process.
  • Sales messages and marketing messages need to be aligned. Wayne explains how alignment can serve the prospect better. Andy would like to see marketing and sales using the same messaging, with sales going deeper.
  • There is a lack of consistency in the handoff from marketing to sales. The sales playbook needs to have the best practices of sellers combined with insights from buyers on how they expect the process to work.
  • Gartner research points out that the buyer doesn’t have a fixed buying process and they sometimes need to be educated on how to buy what they need.