Create Valued Sales Relationships w/ Chad Sanderson [Episode 737]

Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner at ValueSelling Associates, Inc., joins me on this episode.


  • Chad defines the sales singularity as the combination of tech tools and human connections to use the best features of both in the sales process. Technology needs to amplify the human element, not replace it.
  • Automated templated emails tend to devalue human relationships. You can turn that email into a message relevant to a human being by adding two sentences crafted by a person for a person.
  • Chad uses Amazon Prime as an example of a customized, low-friction B2C user experience. Now, on the complex B2B side, buyers are looking for a frictionless experience.
  • You can ask a question to uncover a solution. You can take 15 minutes to research a role in an industry to come up with a relevant targeting question or statement.
  • SDRs qualify a contact for the next call. Chad notes that this requires showing respect for the contact’s role and understanding how your business might help them. Chad recommends that SDRs call board chairmen and CEOs.
  • Chad looks for multiple points of contact, including decision-makers. He speaks of an SDR who called a CFO and built trust through demonstrating industry knowledge. The AE builds on the trust initiated by an SDR.
  • If an AE doesn’t build on facts the SDR discovered from the contact, they break trust by making the contact repeat themselves. Build on what the contact has already shared with the SDR. Work with your SDRs.
  • Why is the SDR role a stepping stone to a higher role? Should it be a career, in itself? Chad shares some thoughts on the SDR role, and how they influence potential sales.
  • Chad suggests a conversational framework for SDRs. Most have not been trained in holding conversations. They need focus, mindset, critical thinking skills for effective research, and business acumen.
  • All interactions need to start with self-respect and respect for other people. Success comes from managing time and behaving professionally.
  • SDRs need to be valued and feel that they are valued. Andy calls out the onboarding process of SDRs. Are their managers coaching them? How are the SDRs recognized? Try having CEOs give them referrals on LinkedIn!
  • Andy recommends investing in the development of SDRs to reduce attrition. Chad tells how ValueSelling does this for companies around the world.