Correctly Using Data to Manage Sales w/ Greg Dalli [Episode 428]

In today’s show, we discuss the role data has in the modern sales approach, with a few surprising twists.

Greg Dalli, Co-Founder of Clarus Designs, joins me on this episode.


Greg became legally blind at age six, and soon realized he would need a different approach to problem solving. After college, he became a business intelligence analyst for a startup. He helped scale the firm from $15Million-$200Million.

The purpose of Clarus Designs is to help sales and marketing teams make better decisions, and grow, using data.

Greg tells how to find ‘the truth,’ which varies case by case. You start with clean data.

Clarus Designs simplifies problems, to focus on what is actionable. Does it matter how many emails it takes, on average, to touch a contact?

Clarus Designs helps teams look at metrics in relation to other changes, such as, new customer growth in relation to average sales price. Greg tells how the two metrics correlate.

Clarus Designs suggests teams can tie activity metrics to success metrics. It’s not just how many emails they send, but how many people they connect with, as a result.

Greg explains how success metrics might be applied usefully, or how they might lead to missing goals.

Assuming from last year’s data that 5X pipeline coverage will yields your sales goal does not work. The pipeline will get filled with unqualified leads.

The more stressful the situation, the more likely people crave control. They seek control through activity metrics, but activity metrics are not tied to outcomes.

Greg contrasts time management with efficiency, or sales dollars per hour of selling time.

Asymmetric metric variability represents a skewed distribution, in forecasts. It is easy to overestimate when the deal will close, and underestimate the discount to get the deal.

Managing pipeline coverage must assume a significant percentage of the coverage will fall out from no decision.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.