Better Ways To Use Data To Find a True Competitive Edge in Your Selling w/ Ben Sardella [Episode 88]

In this episode, Ben Sardella, co-founder of Datanyze, discusses how outbound sales teams need better data to inspire more and better sales conversations with new prospects. He shares how a new generation of sales tools, like Datanyze, are helping sellers to fill the top of the funnel with the right prospects at the right time. Included among the subjects we discuss in this conversation are:

  • The hidden triggers that alert sales reps to specific prospect interest that they can’t find on their own.
  • How your sales team could be transformed if it were able to learn that a potential prospect had stopped using a competitor’s product
  • How to use firmographic data to provide greater insights into potential buying behaviors.
  • How to leverage data about past deals, both won and lost, with your sales engagement platform to drive better sales conversations and increased conversions.

If you’re a sales leader, sales manager, or sales rep, this episode is definitely worth the investment of your time to listen.