Better Communication for B2B Selling w/ Craig Walker [Episode 740]

Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad, joins me on this episode.


Craig Walker and some co-workers at Google Voice noticed that businesses were adopting cloud productivity suites. They recognized that business communications also belonged in the cloud and such could be used for improving sales. Craig and his associates left Google and co-founded Dialpad in 2011, offering cloud communication services. Their products are UberConference, DialpadTalk, DialpadSell, DialpadSupport, and AI that instantly converts conversations to text and suggests content in real-time for you to use in conversations. Craig explains DialpadSell and TalkIQ.

Sales performance is worsening even while we are in the Golden Age of tech. Good sales reps want to improve. TalkIQ AI can help them improve their practices and performance. Sales people who lack the will for improving sales cannot easily be helped to change. Andy talks about his company’s curated book club for sales teams. Andy notes the shortcomings of some tech being used today. Craig describes the advantages of having a sales tool such as Voice Intelligence in your sales conversations.