Are You a Great Candidate for Your Next Sales Job? w/ Bridget Gleason [Episode 414]

In this episode we unearth what the top sales candidates do to set themselves apart, and how you can find strategies to make your candidacy more attractive to employers.

Bridget Gleason is VP of Sales for and my regular guest on Front Line Fridays.


Bridget is hiring for the Boston office of! Hires must be a good cultural fit in this foundational group. Account Executives are needed for mainly inside complex sales of log management and analytics to mid-level technical prospects.

Bridget has been using LinkedIn and in-house recruiters. One investor, OpenView, has been a great source. Bridget looks for signs of leadership on a resume. Listen to hear the other qualities she seeks.

Don’t be overly modest on your resume. Include leadership roles, even if not titled as such.

Schools indicate your background. A high GPA is positive, but not the determining factor.

Attention to detail on a resume suggests attention to detail in sales. Bridget looks for two to five years of experience, and if you had a job in school. She wants ambition, hustle, self-directedness, curiosity, leadership, and teamwork.

Bridget’s interviews: Candidates are phone screened for their narrative, then they present a mock discovery call to show preparedness and understanding. When they meet, Bridget looks for presence. The CEO Skypes each candidate.

Bridget explores what she means by presence.

Is it easy for a new salesperson to be ‘comfortable in their own skin’? How does that influence an interview? How does it relate to leadership? Bridget talks about a new hire on a non-traditional path, and how he interviewed with the CEO.

How do military veterans fit into the culture? In Israel, military service is compulsory!