All About Inside Sales and SDRs w/ Sally Duby [Episode 452]

In this episode, we get deep on sales ops, covering how inside sales and SDR teams can be more effective and better enabled.

Sally Duby, West Coast General Manager of the Bridge Group, Inc., and inside sales and sales development expert, joins me on this episode.

Sally sees hiring and retaining talent at the SDR level as the biggest challenge facing sales leaders today. A lot of younger people start without experience, but companies are not setting them up for success, so they leave.
Hiring people as SDRs, with little business experience, and providing them little or no training or onboarding (except for about how great the product is), sets them up for failure.
Inside reps and SDRs are staying about six months at any company, and then get recruited to the next hot company. If they’re not happy where they are, they are open to moving.
Sally says it’s a shame VPs of Sales do not have a career path for SDRs. There should be levels within the SDR group, as well as opportunities beyond that function. It takes about a year of SDR experience for a hire to be productive.
SDR is not a sales role, but 70% of the time it reports into Sales.
SDR can function as entry level to sales, but the functions are less than the skills needed in sales. In order to be promoted to sales they need training and development.
Sally says onboarding training could be about the buyer, not the product — what the buyer looks like, and the value the SDR can bring them. Sally says with knowledgeable discussions, the SDR could set more appointments.
Sally discusses misdirected and inaccurate email campaigns, and how they waste everybody’s time.
Sally discusses AI, and Chad Burmeister’s claim that an AI app can do 75-90% of the SDR role with greater consistency. So far, AI cannot engage the buyer on the phone with intelligent questions and conversations on the buyer’s needs.
Sally looks at the role of SDRs in the near future. The sales team still needs to be fed, and sales reps are the better resource for customer engagement. She doesn’t see a lot of immediate change.
Besides tech, Sally works with other types of companies. She finds them open to new ideas. She cites
Trish Bertuzzi’s Sales Development Playbook, and helping various sales teams to use the methods in the book.
Outside the tech world, many companies are not utilizing data tools beyond basic CRM. Sally talks about tools that circumvent learning and curiosity by giving immediate solutions. A fool with a tool is still a fool.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.