Accelerate Your Success by Investing in Your Development w/ Mike Weinberg [Episode 358]

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Among the topics that Mike and I discuss are how salespeople can stop being commoditized and how you are responsible for your own development and success as a salesperson.

Joining me for the third time on Accelerate! is my friend Mike Weinberg. He’s the author of two excellent books: New Sales. Simplified, and Sales Management. Simplified.


The biggest challenge facing salespeople today, is being commoditized, instead of being seen as value producers.

Why it’s essential salespeople must view themselves as consultants, professional problem-solvers and value creators.

Being responsive — which is crucial — does not require you to provide a proposal prematurely. Mike explains why.

Take ownership of your sales process. Tell the client you need to meet with them for discovery, so the proposal will be relevant to them.

Salespersons used to be mentored in their roles. Now, they are sent out untrained, with a quota.

The customer is learning and growing faster than the seller. The buyer doesn’t need the seller for info — they are drowning in it. Provide value by consulting to their needs.

Mike’s message: Listen to Andy’s podcasts and link to the guest content; buy the books, especially, Amp Up Your Sales, by Andy Paul, and watch your sales! Invest in yourself!

Andy’s lesson: regardless of any training your company provides or fails to provide, you have responsibility for your success, and there are resources available all around you.

It’s the top people who invest in themselves, and take responsibility for their individual development. Andy pays a coach, and joined a Mastermind group.

Your prospect really is in a less-than-optimal situation. You can help them. If your motivation is to help the customer win, you’re going to win. Prospect them, by all means, with all you’ve got, and get in front of them for discovery.

Phone and email outreach methods are still valuable. Don’t give in to people who say they aren’t. Use every channel that touches your client positively.


Is it easier to teach a technical non-salesperson how to sell, or to teach a salesperson how to sell a technical product with value?

Easier to teach a salesperson technical.

What’s one fiction book that every salesperson should read?

Car and Driver Magazine. I don’t understand reading fiction.

If you could change one thing about your business self, what would it be?

I would have a better understanding of how all the technical things work in the background, and be better at letting go of those things, so I would maximize more business.

What’s your favorite quotation   words of wisdom that you live by?

“It is what it is.”

“Sales success is not situational. It’s based on the seller. It’s not the customer. It’s not the market. It’s not your territory. It’s not your boss. It’s you.” ― Anthony Iannarino