ringDNA for Sales Development

Outbound Sales Prospecting Tools for Salesforce Sales Cloud

Radically Accelerate Sales Productivity, Connect with 4X More Prospects, Close More Revenue

Drive Velocity & Maintain Quality

Have great conversations and never worry about hitting your activity numbers. Work through lists quickly with calls, texts and emails while staying informed about who you are targeting

Improve Productivity With Automation

With Guided Selling, you can automate emails and sales cadences, scaling call, email, and text outreach with ease

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Eliminate Time Wasters

ringDNA is the single point of focus for sales reps, meaning less browser tabs and more efficiency for selling

High Velocity Dialing

Sales Cadence Automation

CRM Data Capture

Outbound Lead Prioritization

AI-Powered Insights

Actionable Metrics

Sales Performance Metrics That Elevate Your Entire Team

ringDNA delivers AI-powered real-time performance insights that scale revenue growth. Our pre-built, customizable reports and AI-powered analytics enable you to optimize your outbound sales campaigns while measuring productivity and detailed success KPIs for sales teams.

The #1 Sales Prospecting Tool for Salesforce

The Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce integrates seamlessly with the sales cloud, dramatically accelerating your reps’ productivity, engagement rate and success while logging 100% of your team’s call performance data automatically!

Have 4X More Conversations from Outbound Calls

When you dial leads from numbers with local area codes, your prospects are up to 4X more likely to pick up the phone. With Local Presence, you can automatically ensure that a local number appears in your leads’ caller ID, resulting in many more conversations each day.

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Engage in Smarter Conversations

Reps will not only reach more prospects, but also know much more about them. ringDNA prepares reps for success by providing valuable data in a single view. Leverage data from Chatter feeds, past emails, call history and more in context of calls to understand buyer intent, communications history and much more.

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Create an Outbound Sales Cadence

Guided Selling from ringDNA gives the power to schedule outbound calls, emails, texts, follow-up tasks and more. The result is better playbook execution, consistent follow through and enough touches to add valuable opportunities to your sales pipeline.

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See ringDNA For Yourself

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"We’re having 50% more conversations with key decision makers at enterprise companies."
Babak BadkubeHead of Inside Sales, NetSkope
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"Thanks to the improved call connection rates from Local Presence, our reps are now able to spend twice as much time actually engaged with prospects by phone."
Erik KostelnikGlobal Sales Director, Wrike
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An Experience Your Reps Will Love

Customers can tell when reps love their jobs, and the results show. ringDNA removes friction from your reps’ workflow, enabling them to focus on connecting with prospects, booking appointments and closing deals.

Start Winning More Revenue Immediately

Implementing new sales tools can grind operations to a halt, negatively impacting your month, quarter and year. But with ringDNA, your outbound call center doesn’t have to slow down in order to sell faster. New reps can be onboarded in less than 10 minutes.

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Be More Productive

ringDNA empowers every member of the sales team to be exponentially more productive and enjoy a vastly improved sales experience.

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ringDNA Products that Fuel Outbound Sales Prospecting

Intelligent Dialer

Make your calls, send text messages, and log call notes from one place, informed by complete prospect history. Click-to-dial from any number in Salesforce, Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. All data is automatically captured in Salesforce.

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ConversationAI transcribes sales calls and transforms them into usable data. Take less notes, and improve your skills with pre-built dashboards that instantly reveal listening patterns, overtalk ratios, language diversity and other trends.

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Guided Selling

Automatically prescribe a series of emails, texts, and phone calls to any inbound website lead source, eliminating the need to draft new emails and automating your sales process.