• Sales Tools Built To Scale Revenue At Samsara

    ringDNA sales enablement software empowers growing sales teams:

    • Onboard new reps in minutes, not months
    • Automatically prioritize call recordings for management review
    • Eliminate salesperson admin work
    • Book 81% more meetings by phone
  • Meet Jonathan Keane, your account executive! Jonathan has sold telematics before & wants to help you win even more.

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  • The Right Automations For Scaling Companies.

    Sales teams that scale using ringDNA report that they gain efficiency, become more effective, and build more sales pipeline.

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  • Faster Ramp To Revenue

    With ringDNA, new reps onboard faster and train better. Earn more new hire ROI and get reps generating revenue sooner.

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  • Coach like you’ve heard every sales call.

    With ConversationAI from ringDNA, coachable moments & critical insights are surfaced automatically based on our learning from over 100 million sales calls.

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  • The Perfect Touchpoint for Every Contact, Every Time.

    ringDNA includes complete sales sequence automation, allowing you to prescribe the exact touches for your sales team, including calls, emails, SMS texts, and other actions.

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  • Our customers grow.

    The most innovative sales teams in the world scale with ringDNA.

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