For Outbound Sales Teams

  • RingDNA Intelligent Dialer

  • The World’s Most Powerful Sales Dialer for Salesforce

    The RingDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce makes prospecting for new opportunities a breeze. RingDNA’s blended dialer empowers reps to prioritize leads, dial leads faster and connect with more prospects. Best of all, your reps can say goodbye to logging call data manually in their CRM.

  • Have Up to 4X More Sales Conversations

    Thanks to RingDNA’s International Local Presence, reps can dial prospects in dozens of countries from local area numbers. The result: up to four times more sales conversations, plus actionable intelligence from Salesforce, Chatter and data from a variety of other sources.

  • International Local Presence

For Inbound Sales Teams

  • RingDNA Call Routing

  • Provide Inbound Callers with a Frictionless Customer Experience

    RingDNA’s intelligent phone call routing and IVR make it downright simple to ensure that every caller reaches the best possible rep or queue as quickly as possible. Route calls based on time of day, reps’ product expertise, closing skill and a variety of other factors.

  • Transform More Inbound Callers into Loyal Customers

    RingDNA helps your reps to have smarter and more successful conversations. Thanks to RingDNA’s CTI, reps can view inbound callers’ call and email history, Chatter feeds and lead notes the moment the phone rings. RingDNA even tells reps the exact marketing source or keyword that triggered the call.

  • RingDNA Intelligent Dialer Activity Feed

  • Simply the best inside sales solution for Salesforce. With RingDNA, our team is reaching customers much more often and winning more deals. The streamlined visibility into all our call conversion metrics is an incredibly powerful benefit.

    • Sean Whiteley

    • Sean Whiteley
      Co-Founder, GetFeedback
      a Campaign Monitor Company

      Campaign Monitor

For Sales Managers

  • RingDNA Dashboards

  • Optimize Sales with Prescriptive and Predictive Call Analytics

    RingDNA offers dozens of turnkey dashboards and reports that give you the real-time insight you need to coach your sales team to success. Know which reps are succeeding and which need guidance. Predict how many prospects reps should dial each day. Ensure that reps are always following up with leads often enough to move deals forward.

  • Help Your Reps Have More Successful Calls

    RingDNA truly puts you in the driver’s seat, empowering you to coach your team like never before. Monitor or join live calls. Send reps feedback in real time. Listen to call recordings and add feedback that helps reps reach new levels of mastery.

  • Monitor Live Calls


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Featured Customers

RingDNA inside sales software for sales cloud offers sales team a set of enterprise-grade sales tools that can transform sales reps into sales champions. International local presence empowers reps to have 4x more conversations by dialing prospects in the U.S. and abroad from local area codes. Reps save more time by completely automating voicemail. Powerful dialing software like click to call and automatic dialing help reps power through lead lists at light speeds. Our inside sales dialer also offers CTI screen pops that provide reps with actionable data about prospects in real time.

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