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Enterprise Integration

ringDNA is 100% built for Salesforce customers. We offer best-in-class Salesforce sync so your CRM can remain as your system of record.

Plug-and-Play Implementation

Say goodbye to long, drawn-out implementations. Get up and running in minutes.

GDPR Compliance

Built-in tools empower you to quickly comply with GDPR and CCPA customer data requests in a centralized location.

Compliant Sales Communications

ringDNA offers a full suite of compliance tools to ensure that calls are automatically recorded in strict adherence to state- and country-specific regulations. Calls and SMS messages are designed to follow TCPA compliance standards.

Complete Context for Informed Conversations

Have sensitive data in your CRM, or want to streamline workflows by role? With ringDNA, you can customize data layouts in the Intelligent Dialer in accordance with role-based permissions.

Call and SMS Blacklists

Restrict calling to various phone numbers based on automatic spam detection or user-specified compliance parameters.

Single Sign-On with Salesforce

Reps login to ringDNA using the same credentials they use to login to Salesforce, meaning one less password to remember and a single management location for onboarding and offboarding team members.

A Secure Sales Platform

ringDNA is SOC II compliant, and is subject to rigorous, consistent security testing.

"ringDNA offers rich call data, flexible telephony options, and best in class inbound and outbound sales enablement features that enable sales teams to have ore meaningful conversations with more prospects."
Paul FischerSalesforce Consultant
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"ringDNA does a great job of helping you localize not just for area code, but for compliance, by allowing you to record calls in some states and not others."
Dana ClarkDirector, Sales Processes and Capabilities, Nutanix
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