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We Help the World’s Top Technology Companies Accelerate Revenue

Make every member of your B2B tech sales team faster, smarter and more productive.

Trusted by the World’s Top Technology Sales Teams

A Complete Revenue Acceleration Platform for Your Entire Sales Team

Sales Performance Insight

Real-time performance insights help scale and elevate your entire sales team

Conversation Intelligence

Discover sales talking points and techniques that win more deals

Intelligent Call Routing

Ensure callers are routed to the best available rep based on sophisticated rules

Sales Productivity

Give reps more time to spend with their customers

Sales Playbook Execution

Perfect your emails, calls, & follow-through

Process Automation

Automate key data capture in Salesforce

Scale Sales Management

ringDNA was built with the world’s biggest software sales teams in mind. Our conversation intelligence platform turns managers into leaders by automating alerts, analytics, call transcriptions and more.

Execute Your Sales Playbook Flawlessly

Reps lose 87% of the learnings from sales training within just 12 weeks. ringDNA keeps reps on track with automated sequences, AI-driven insight and intelligent talking points.

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Triple Sales Productivity

Software sales reps typically waste hours on manual administration tasks. But ringDNA makes reps 300% more productive by automating local area dialing, scheduling, voicemails, and logging 100% of data in Salesforce automatically.

Transform Inbound Calls Into Revenue

Convert more inbound callers into customers by intelligently routing leads to the best available rep complete with contextual talking points that drive successful outcomes.

Predict and Amplify Revenue

Real time Salesforce dashboards deliver actionable individual and team metrics that help leaders predict revenue and take quick actions to influence and exceed sales goals.

“We’re having 50% more conversations with key decision makers at enterprise companies.”

Babak Batkube, Head of Inside Sales, NetSkope

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"Salesforce doesn't have anything that is nearly as fluid or complete as what ringDNA has to offer."

Dana Clark, Director of Sales Process And Capabilities, Nutanix

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