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Enhance productivity, provide better customer experiences and optimize results with the most powerful revenue acceleration platform for Salesforce.

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ringDNA Helps Real Estate Companies Drive Revenue

Personalized Messaging

Provide agents with talking points that help them have successful calls

Rapid Response

Respond to leads instantaneously before competitors can

Real-Time Insight

Dozens of dashboards reveal AI-driven insight in real time

Intelligent Call Routing

Route prospects to the best available agent based on sophisticated rules

Track the Source of Every Call

Invest in the marketing efforts that inspire prospects to pick up their phones

Process Automation

Automatically capture key data in Salesforce

Personalize Communications

89% of buyers will take their business to a competitor after a negative customer experience. But ringDNA helps agents provide amazing experiences by delivering intelligent talking points based on a variety of data points.

Instant Lead Response

Responsiveness is the #1 trait customers look for in a real estate professional. With ringDNA, agents can follow up with hot prospects instantly, before they go find competitors.

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Spend More on the Right Calls

Real estate marketers spend big to drive qualified leads, but insight is typically lost when prospects pick up their phones. ringDNA not only tracks which efforts drive calls, but empowers marketers to spend more on the efforts that drive the best calls—those that result in revenue!

Unleash Agent Productivity

ringDNA makes every agent on your team 300% more productive, giving agents thousands of productivity hours each year.

Coach Agents in Real Time

Leverage artificial intelligence to surface opportunities to make every agent on your team more effective. Track agents’ journey toward success in turnkey Salesforce dashboards.

“ringDNA makes our team more productive and helps our reps learn from top performers. We now convert 25% of our leads!”

Timothy Trainor, VP of Sales Operations, Rich Uncles

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“ringDNA has transformed our old way of doing business. Conversion from lead to customer is happening at a much faster rate."

Tony Banks, Broker/Owner, Re/Max

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