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See the complete platform for Salesforce that transforms the way healthcare providers acquire, engage and service patients & customers.

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ringDNA Helps You Win Patient Trust

Personalized Patient Interactions

Deliver tailored messaging based on member preferences and needs.

Rapid Patient Response

Respond to patient & customer inquiries instantaneously with contextually relevant information.

Easier Patient Handoffs

Call center tools help agents ask for help, route calls and help patients and customers quickly.

Smarter Patient & Provider Engagement

Quickly connect patients or practitioners to the right team member via sophisticated call routing rules.

A Complete View of Patient Interactions

Develop a more complete patient view for easy access to the details and history that inspires top-tier care.

Seamless Care Coordination

Provide a unified, omnichannel experience across patients’ care journey with ease.

Deliver 1-to-1 Patient Journeys

Centralized patient engagement insight helps ensure that agents provide a consistent experience across acquisition, enrollment and continued care.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

ringDNA drives better experiences by providing a single view of engagement data across sales, marketing and customer support.

Solve Patient Inquiries Faster

ringDNA gives team members the tools they need to resolve high-risk or high priority inquiries in record time. Automatically route callers to the best available team member, surface historical caller data in context and inspire collaboration across teams with a suite of powerful call tools.

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Attract More Patients

88% of healthcare appointments are scheduled by phone. Identify which advertisements, campaigns and keywords are inspiring the best calls and invest more in the ads that drive acquisition.

Coach Team Members in Real Time

Ready to optimize member experiences? ringDNA helps managers coach agents like they’ve listened to every call, thanks to dozens of turnkey Salesforce dashboards and AI-powered conversation intelligence data.

“ringDNA’s Salesforce integration exceeded other products we looked at. We can see not only which marketing efforts are driving the most calls, but also the calls that result in the most revenue.”

David Hines, Director of Operations, Rapid Screenings Center

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“ringDNA helps us empower patients to participate in research without making it a burden on them. With all the time that we save we’re able to reach out to so many more people.”

Katherine Li, Clinical Research Coordinator, Sanguine Biosciences

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