ringDNA for Healthcare

Powering Better Conversations for Healthcare and Healthcare Technology Companies

Optimize productivity, responsiveness and health conversations with the most powerful engagement platform for Salesforce.

How ringDNA Improves Health Experiences

Intelligent Call Routing

Ensure patients are routed to the best available rep based on sophisticated rules

Rapid Response

Respond to patients instantaneously with contextually relevant information

Real-Time Insight

Dozens of dashboards reveal AI-driven insight in real time

Personalized Messaging

Provide reps with talking points that help them improve conversations

Track the Source of Every Call

Invest in the marketing efforts that inspire prospective patients to pick up their phone


Set up IVR menus to route patients based on their needs

Personalize Phone Conversations

88% of healthcare appointments are scheduled by phone. ringDNA delivers intelligent talking points that help reps personalize conversations to meet the needs of prospective patients.

Invest More in the Right Marketing Efforts

Calls are the most valuable conversion that healthcare marketers can drive, converting 10-15X beyond web forms. ringDNA call tracking reveals which online and offline efforts inspire prospective patients to pick up their phones.

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Instant Lead Response

Reps can receive alerts the moment that prospective patients fill out forms and can then follow up instantly.

Intelligent Call Routing and IVR

Instantly route prospective patients to the best available rep based on intent data, time of day and other factors. Set up IVR menus to provide patients with self-service options.

Coach Reps in Real Time

Live call listen-in features and turnkey Salesforce dashboards give real-time insight into inbound and outbound activities and outcomes, surfacing insight that can help managers make reps more successful.

“ringDNA’s Salesforce integration exceeded other products we looked at. We can see not only which marketing efforts are driving the most calls, but also the calls that result in the most revenue.”

David Hines, Director of Operations, Rapid Screenings Center

“ringDNA helps us empower patients to participate in research without making it a burden on them. With all the time that we save we’re able to reach out to so many more people.”

Katherine Li, Clinical Research Coordinator, Sanguine Biosciences

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