Start a Successful Sales Coaching Plan Tomorrow

Sales managers have a lot of responsibility. Not only are they in charge of their team’s sales numbers, they need to worry about their own quotas, sales rep performance, rep retention, sales effectiveness, and personal development. Fortunately, there is a single solution for all of these concerns: sales coaching. Often, sales coaching seems like a large, daunting, complex undertaking, but that’s why we’ve created a plan.

Our sales coaching ebook breaks sales coaching down to its basic elements, so you can understand exactly what you need to start coaching tomorrow. Then, it lays out a simple plan so you can begin coaching your sales reps to increase team performance, retain your top reps, increase sales effectiveness, and surpass your numbers.
One of the best things about sales coaching is you can start anytime. You don’t have to be a new manager with a new plan. You can be a veteran manager looking to bring your team to the next level.

In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of sales coaching, and why the best sales organizations are implementing it

  • The building blocks of coaching and what you need to launch a program with your team

  • A step-by-step guide to implementing and running a sales coaching program at your company

  • Insights from the some of the top sales consultants

The sales coaching ebook includes insights from leaders in the sales coaching space:

Sales Readiness Group

Bryant Stibel

The Harris Consulting Group