The ROI of Sales Acceleration Software: A Buyer's Guide

Ever been curious about the return on investment your competitors are getting from their technology investments?

In today’s hyper-competitive sales landscape, investing in sales acceleration tools has become a necessary means of survival. Nearly half of B2B sales teams are already using sales acceleration to connect with more prospects, automate key sales processes and have more successful sales conversations and more.
Meanwhile, managers are leveraging sales tools to gain the insight they need to better coach reps into A-players. While sales technology innovations are occurring faster than ever, it can be difficult to make sense of how to best use sales technology, let alone how to measure the ROI of technology investments. Our new eBook is designed to help you navigate the sales technology landscape and achieve your desired outcomes.


  • The top reasons companies invest in sales acceleration

  • Hard ROI metrics from real companies

  • How to successfully realize ROI with sales acceleration

  • Essential buyer checklists for sales, sales operations and IT