Ramp To Revenue: The Sales Onboarding Success Plan

Research shows that the average tenure of a new sales development rep is 14 months, yet it takes 3 months to ramp them to full quota.

A Look Inside

This serious business challenge can be avoided with smarter training and processes designed to help new salespeople become more comfortable in their roles sooner, with tighter pitches, question strategies, and objection handling mastered within the first 6 weeks.

We put together this sales onboarding plan using psychology-backed techniques to help new hires reach quota faster, and ultimately increase the tenure and profitability of every salesperson you hire.

In this ebook you will find:

  • A week-by-week checklist of every training necessary for the first 6 weeks of a sales development hire
  • Unique, psychology research-backed techniques designed to turn your novice salespeople into experts quickly
  • Clear guidelines on when to employ technology and automation in the onboarding process