20 Great Salesforce Guides for Sales and Marketing

Looking to get the most out of Salesforce? Our best and brightest have picked the most essential resources for sales and marketing teams using Salesforce.

The result is an expertly curated list of 20 Salesforce guides that will help any sales or marketing team successfully implement and optimize Salesforce to deliver maximum ROI.

Salesforce has the power to revolutionize your sales and marketing operations. But the sheer volume of customization options and vast ecosystem of apps can make implementing and customizing Salesforce seem overwhelming.

To save you time, we’ve gone through every Salesforce guide on the planet and selected only the most essential resources, bringing together the very best guides and explaining the value of each.

Think of this guide-to-the-guides as your go-to resource for maximizing your Salesforce investment. By reading these essential guides, you’ll learn how to:

  • Predict and measure sales and marketing success
  • Accelerate your sales team’s productivity
  • Master setup and implementation
  • Tailor-fit salesforce to meet your company’s needs