ringDNA Contact Tracing

A Multichannel Case Management & Communication Platform

Maximize engagement with affected contacts with scalable voice, email and text messaging

Trusted by the World’s Best Companies

Optimize Every Communications Channel

Make your calls, create text messages, drop pre-recorded voicemails and log call notes from one robust platform. Easily scale communications across an entire team.

Customize Response Patterns by Contact Circumstances

Easily prescribe who to contact, how frequently to contact them and with what message, and can also add patients to automated 14-day messaging sequences.

Automatically Prioritize Self-Report Data

Immediately surface the contacts and patients contact tracers should reach out to, eliminating guesswork and ensuring prompt communication with those at risk.

Know which reps are busiest, which are most efficient and which need additional coaching.

Powerful, Automated Analytics

All activities and communications are captured automatically, generating detailed reports & dashboards to keep tabs on the process and notify health department personnel of patients and contacts who have missed daily check-ins.

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