Contact Tracing Center Call Routing and IVR

Intelligent and Automatic Call Routing for Contact Tracing

Intelligently route calls to remote contact tracing agents and provide callers with smart IVR self-service options.

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Deliver a Better Caller Experience

Automatically ensure that inbound callers are delivered to the best available remote agent. Calls can be intelligently routed based on time of day, geography and other factors. And agents can better help patients and their contacts by viewing important data from a variety of sources within the context of calls.

Easily Create Sophisticated Call Routing Rules

Drag-and-drop call routing makes it easy to set up hotlines, patient self-routing and call forwarding to remote agents. The ringDNA routing engine requires no technical knowledge to quickly set up and edit simple or sophisticated routing rules that fit changing needs.

Empower Callers with Self-Service Options

Provide callers with self-service options, self-assessment surveys and more. With ringDNA, it’s easy to change the flow of calls in real time based on input received from callers, maximizing patient participation while reserving agent participation for when it’s most needed.

Help More Patients Faster by Deflecting Calls to SMS

ringDNA can maximize the impact of human agents by deflecting conversations to SMS when appropriate. SMS conversations often get faster responses and empowers agents to help a greater number of contacts in far less time.

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