KeepTruckin Uses ringDNA to Revolutionize Business Transportation


  • Automatically route inbound callers with the best available agents
  • Leverage call data to have smarter conversations with customers
  • Train new reps how to best solve customer issues and secure brand loyalty


  • ringDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce
  • ringDNA Call Queues
  • ringDNA Call Tracking for Salesforce
  • ringDNA Intelligent Call Routing/IVR
  • ringDNA Coaching Suite


  • ringDNA’s Coaching Suite empowered managers to train new reps faster, resulting in faster case resolution
  • ringDNA call data from Salesforce enabled smarter conversations
  • ringDNA’s flawless data collection ensured that vital customer data was automatically logged in Salesforce
  • ringDNA maximized agent usage by creating customized call routing rules based on agent availability

Since 2013, San Francisco-based and Google Ventures-backed KeepTruckin has been on a mission to improve efficiency and profitability truck drivers, motorcoach bus drivers and oil gas drivers. KeepTruckin’s #1 electronic logbook app for Android and iOS radically simplifies logging hours of service for truck drivers who, until recently had to log all of their hours on paper. But that’s just the beginning. The U.S. Department of Transportation recently announced regulations that will require four million interstate truck and bus drivers to use an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) to record their hours of service with the goal of improving road safety and eliminating the paperwork burden on the industry. With the release of the KeepTruckin’s DOT and FMCSA-approved ELD, the company has positioned itself to be the largest network of connected commercial vehicles in the world.

"We switched from TalkDesk to ringDNA based on the strength of ringDNA’s Salesforce integration, and haven’t looked back. ringDNA is simply the best for Salesforce customers."

Obaid Khan, Co-Founder, KeepTruckin'


KeepTruckin is on a mission to improve the efficiency and profitability of America’s trucking industry by building great technology products for truck drivers and fleet managers. The KeepTruckin ELD is the easiest to use and most affordable electronic logging system in the market. KeepTruckin provides drivers with the number one rated Electronic Logbook App for iOS & Android. For fleets, KeepTruckin’s web dashboard automates log auditing, IFTA reporting, vehicle location tracking, and more. KeepTruckin is trusted by over 200,000 drivers and 6,500 fleets. The company is backed by Google Ventures and Index Ventures.

When customers called, KeepTruckin agents were ready. Inbound calls were handled by sophisticated call routing rules to ensure customers were connected with available agents. Thanks to ringDNA’s call tracking tools, reps could instantly see who was calling and quickly escalate hot-button support issues to management.

ringDNA’s commitment to KeepTruckin’s success through custom development vastly exceeded TalkDesk. “ringDNA could help troubleshoot problems and deliver solutions,” said Jeff Numark, who handles customer success and account management. “That gave us confidence. We’re able to provide better support than pretty much anyone out there, and we’re able to track issues much more intelligently. And that’s reflected in our Google Play and App Store ratings. ringDNA has been a clutch part of our success.”

KeepTruckin was also able to leverage ringDNA call recordings to not only train agents, but to better prepare for follow-up calls. That has helped the company cement a reputation as a trusted and reliable brand. This reputation building is key, as truckers decide which ELD to purchase in order to comply with the Department of Transportation’s regulations.