How ChowNow scaled sales coaching and achieved faster rep ramp time as their SDR team doubled using ringDNA


  • Manual Dialing: Initially, ChowNow’s team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) was hand dialing down their call lists, resulting in inefficiencies across the board.
  • Technology Fragmentation: As growth continued and the SDR team doubled, there was a strong mandate for increased staffing and upleveling of their technology stack to have a unified technology stack to accelerate sales.
  • Scale Sales Coaching and Ramping: Additionally, with all of the growth, sales managers needed a way to scale coaching and ramping of new reps while ensuring compliance of new sales processes.
  • Tracking Marketing Campaigns: As the business ran many integrated marketing efforts, it became increasingly important to be able to track the ROI of these campaigns.


  • ringDNA’s Intelligent Dialer: With ringDNA’s Intelligent Dialer, ChowNow’s reps easily boosted productivity using Click-to-Dial and streamlining automated data capture into Salesforce.
  • ringDNA’ ConversationAI for Coaching: By becoming power users of ringDNA’s ConversationAI, ChowNow’s sales managers were able to do live listening on demos and help new reps with questions and objections if and when they arose. Reps could also flag calls they wanted their managers to listen to later on and review in their 1:1s.
  • ringDNA’ ConversationAI for Best Practice Libraries: With ConversationAI, they were also able to build out libraries of best practice calls to help scale sales training and onboarding. In addition, they could annotate transcriptions so the rep had concrete and actionable takeaways from each call.


  • ConversationAI Mobile App: As power users of ringDNA’s ConversationAI app, ChowNow is excited to get started with the ConversationAI Mobile App now so they can have all of the same functionality on mobile and coach while on-the-go.
  • Driving ringDNA Adoption: Driving adoption of ringDNA best practices across the broader team and new managers by continuing to use and extend the ringDNA platform across their business.

Founded in 2012, Los Angeles (Silicon Beach)-based ChowNow provides restaurants with custom online ordering tools and white label restaurant apps. The Company has built an online ordering, marketing, and customer management platform that makes it easy for restaurants to offer simple online ordering through their website and other digital partners, as well as a beautiful mobile app built specifically for each restaurant.

“CAI is our lifeline right now. Sales managers have to listen to calls as part of the job — it’s non-negotiable, because it’s by far the best way to train. And we have seen dramatically faster rep ramp time for our SDRs as a result.”

Stephanie Sullivan, Director of Growth Operations at ChowNow