• RingDNA offers everything we were looking for, vastly exceeding the other players in the space for the value. It has helped our reps respond to leads faster and connect with more prospects while offering the real-time performance metrics we need to coach our team more effectively.

  • Sarah Meyer Bottorff

    Sarah Meyer Bottorff
    Director of Marketing


    • Improve inbound lead response time
    • Engage more leads by phone
    • Monitor calls to identify opportunities for coaching reps to be more successful
    • Use call data to discover leading indicators of success


    • RingDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce
    • RingDNA Local Presence Dialing
    • RingDNA Conversation Analytics
    • RingDNA Sales Coaching Suite


    • Dramatic improvement in lead response time
    • Substantial lift in engagement by phone
    • Call recordings and key metrics automatically captured in Salesforce

    Founded in Australia in 2014, Cammy is camera-based home security solution and monitoring platform that allows customers to keep an eye on their homes, family, pets, and possessions from anywhere at anytime. The Cammy app offers instant, reliable alerts if human presence is detected as well as a remote 350˚ live view of what’s happening, offering remote access to everything from the living room to the kitchen or hallway all the way to customers’ front door. Cammy differentiates itself from other home security systems by guaranteeing no false alarms, as well as through an attractive SaaS based monthly payment plan with zero hardware costs. Launched in Australia in 2014, Cammy is quickly gaining worldwide market share, and is currently being used in over 100 countries around the world.

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Cammy was looking to equip their U.S.-based team of inside sales reps (ISRs) with a telephony solution that integrates with Salesforce. When evaluating solutions, Director of Marketing Sarah Bottorff needed to help reps rapidly respond to the hundreds of daily inbound leads that came from consumers interested in Cammy’s home security systems. She also needed real-time insight into reps’ call activities and outcomes. RingDNA offered all the features that Cammy was looking for. According to Bottorff, “We looked at other players in the space, but RingDNA was the best fit, offering must-have features like local area dialing and Salesforce integration, as well as a wide variety of industry-leading conversation analytics.”

After implementing RingDNA, Bottorff noticed dramatic rep performance improvements almost instantly. Click to call enabled ISRs to dial leads faster, while RingDNA’s Local Presence solution helped reps connect with far more prospects by displaying local area numbers in leads’ caller ID screens.

RingDNA has also helped Cammy coach their inside sales team more effectively by offering real-time visibility in Salesforce into reps’ activities. According to Bottorff, “Some of the top metrics we look at include time-to-respond to leads, number of follow-up attempts, number of calls made by reps and call duration. By tracking these metrics, I can ensure that ISRs are on track to exceed their goals.” Improving lead response time was particularly important to Cammy, since responding to leads quickly has correlated with more closed deals. With RingDNA, Cammy can ensure that 100% of leads gets the attention they deserve and that no hot leads slip through the cracks.

Cammy has also used RingDNA call monitoring and call recording to help facilitate sales training. These features offer deep visibility into reps’ actual sales conversations, empowering Cammy to ensure that ISRs’ pitches are successfully converting leads into new customers.

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