Remote Work Is the New Normal

Arm Your Team with the Tools They Need to Work From Anywhere

Make Sure Your Team Can Work Remotely

Be Up And Selling Immediately

Easily onboard 1 or 1,000 reps as needed in minutes. Do everything that your team used to do in the office from a single application

Ensure Mission-Critical Revenue Generation Does Not Miss A Beat

Modern sales teams can work from anywhere. Drive exponential growth across your team, no matter where they are

Ensure Compliance Anywhere

ringDNA is a SOC 2 solution that reps can use at home, with built-in tools for GDPR, call recording, and CCPA compliance

High Velocity Dialing

Sales Cadence Automation

CRM Data Capture

Outbound Lead Prioritization

AI-Powered Insights

Actionable Metrics

Stay Connected to Your Team

See who is on a call, monitor live key performance metrics, and get notified when someone really needs help. Surface the moments where you can make an impact quickly - you’ll never wonder what your team is doing or who your top performers are.

Provide the Feedback they Need to Close the Deal

Whether on the road, in the office, or at home, your reps can still get exactly what they need. All reps need is a laptop and internet connection, no additional hardware required.

"With ringDNA, our agents can do business from anywhere, with just a laptop and headset."

Mina Tal-Shahar, Technology Executive, The Leads Partners

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"ringDNA allows us to do live call coaching and complete our dials from home."

Alicia Woerner, Inside Sales Development Manager, Nutanix

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Keep Tabs While On the Go

Leave comments for reps from your mobile device related to specific call moments that need guidance or kudos. Save the most important calls to training libraries for reference by the rest of your team no matter where they are.

100% CRM Adoption, Even For Remote Workers

Reps love tracking their success because ringDNA fits seamlessly into their workflow and improves it, automating virtually every trivial task while ensuring that 100% of sales activity is logged in Salesforce.

Remote Work Ready?

See how ringDNA can accelerate your remote work experience.

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