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  • Dynamic Call Routing That’s Effortless and Powerful

    RingDNA’s drop-and-drag interface makes it ridiculously simple to set up sophisticated call routing rules and change them on the fly. Easily route calls to reps, queues, voicemail greetings, conferences and more.

  • RingDNA IVR Call Routing
  • Use IVR to Deliver Unparalleled Customer Experiences

    Empower customers with intuitive self-service options using RingDNA’s IVR. With RingDNA’s easy-to-use interface, even complex IVR menus only take moments to set up. As a result, free up reps’ time, capture vital customer data, reduce hold-time and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Radically Improve Inbound Sales ROI with Call Analytics

    RingDNA enables you to consistently refine your call routing strategy to maximize ROI. RingDNA provides powerful call metrics in Salesforce that reveal how long callers are spending on hold, which reps have the best close percentage, which times of day are busiest, and more.

  • RingDNA Dashboards

RingDNA Call Routing Features

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Automatically distribute inbound phone leads to available reps.
    Call Queue Routing Route calls to specific queues/rep groups.
    Cloud Call Routing All routing is cloud-based with no hardware to manage.
    Conditional Routing Easily set up complex conditional routing menus.
    Drag-and-drop interface Set up routing and IVR rules using our drag-and-drop interface.
    Dynamic Call Routing Automatically route calls to reps or queues based on specific marketing campaigns.
    IVR Set up self-service phone menus.
    Keyword-based call routing Route calls to reps or queues based on a lead’s paid search keywords.
    Last Agent Routing Automatically route calls to the rep that a lead last spoke with.
    Skills-based Routing Route calls to reps based on product knowledge or skill at closing.
    Time-based Routing Route calls to specific reps or queues based on the time of day.

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RingDNA’s enterprise-grade cloud call routing and IVR for Salesforce make it easy to set up highly sophisticated call routing rules in just minutes. Our drag-and-drop interface lets you easily create skills-based routing rules that automatically route callers to the most appropriate rep or call queue. You can also create customized IVR phone trees that provide customers with a variety of self-service options.

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