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Report: What’s Keeping Sales Leaders up at Night?

1 min readJune 25, 2015

I recently read that the average tenure of an inside sales manager is just 18 months. It’s a staggeringly low timeframe considering that by Forrester’s estimate, we CMOs – who once had the least job stability in SaaS – stay in their jobs for five years. That began a quest to find out what challenges sales leaders are facing.

We asked sales leaders one simple question: what emerging trends are actually threatening sales success?3d-cover-up-at-night

The answers were strikingly uniform:

  • Difficulty hiring
  • Low outbound sales reach rates
  • Reps don’t respond to leads quickly enough
  • Increased noise on LinkedIn
  • Poor data quality


We packaged up the details and associated actionable tips in our latest eBook, What’s Keeping Sales Leaders up at Night? Trends, Challenges & Actionable Tips You Can Use Right Now.

You’ll learn how to successfully hire an all-star sales team, radically improve outbound reach rates, improve the quality of your sales data and connect with more sales-ready prospects. As a bonus, we featured wisdom from SalesFolk’s Heather R. Morgan, RingLead‘s John Kosturos and QuotaFactory‘s Peter Gracey.

Get it for free now.

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About the Author

William Tyree

William Tyree is the Chief Marketing Officer of ringDNA, where he works collaboratively with the team to drive breakthrough growth while creating an iconic brand that inspires companies to improve sales experiences. Previously, he was CMO at FaceFirst and VP of Marketing at DemandResults. His thought leadership has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Atlantic and elsewhere.