When I was an inside sales rep for another company, I almost exclusively sold to leads that came in from marketing efforts. At the time, however, we had outside sales reps who would hop in their cars, drive to viable prospective businesses and try to set up appointments. On good days they might even close a deal on the […]
Last July, we revealed some secrets that can help inside sales reps leave killer voicemail messages. But I want to revisit that topic because since then, we’ve  had the opportunity to speak with some top sales trainers about their voicemail optimization secrets. Like many sales reps, I once believed that the perfect voicemail was the one that […]
Inside sales teams selling large ticket items, take notice. Zogby Analytics polled 1,000 consumers who had submitted an online form requesting information about a product with at least a $1,000 value, asking them various questions about their communications preferences. 75% of respondents reported that they would be happy for companies to call them 2-4 times per month, […]
New research by CSO Insights shows that 42% of salespeople don’t feel like they have the right information before calling prospects. This is especially true of inside sales reps who are handed a list of leads to call. Many reps who find themselves in this situation simply call down the list, hoping for the best. […]
How much time are your sales reps wasting preparing for calls? According to a new CSO Insights study, sales reps are spending 20% of their time researching prospects themselves. That’s a full workday each week, and 52 days-per-year. While sales research isn’t exactly a waste of time, one fact remains: every moment that reps spend […]
Our desire to collaborate with our fellow human beings is built into our genetics. In fact, evolutionary anthropologists recently discovered that young humans prefer to work together to solve problems, while chimpanzees do not exhibit such a preference. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, and in B2B sales, […]
Nothing has the power to influence your professional image more than the content you share in your LinkedIn status update. Don’t believe me? Think about it – most people in your network will look at your LinkedIn profile page once, and then forget you exist for a while. On the other hand, everyone in your […]
The growth of inside sales teams shows no sign of letting up. While it’s hard to imagine most companies abandoning outside sales completely (Avon comes to mind) –  there are many situations when an in-person meeting is irreplaceable – growth is clearly trending toward centralized in-house teams. And with those investments, companies are increasingly looking for […]
According to a new report from Accenture and CSO Insights, 44% of enterprise Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) remain skeptical of their firms’ ability to hit revenue targets. To address this clear-and-present danger, the report has identified several areas for improving the effectiveness of sales organizations. One of the report’s key findings is something that we’ve […]
Imagine that you’re an inside sales rep at a B2B company. You’ve exchanged a couple of emails with a key decision maker, and she invited you to give her a call. You’re pumped up with adrenaline, ready to convince her that buying your company’s software solution will be the best investment she’ll ever make. After […]
Imagine you’re buying a new car. The salesperson recommends a hybrid model, but your friend Al, who you know to be an electric car enthusiast, had already told you to get a different model. Who would you be more likely to trust? Sure, the salesperson might know a lot about cars too, but how can […]
Many inside sales reps at B2B companies are regularly faced with the daunting task of calling a list of leads that haven’t been touched in a while. Anyone who has worked their way down a calling list is no stranger to the click of a phone hanging up, followed by the “dialtone of death.” But […]