51 Top Sales Influencers You Should Follow On Twitter Immediately

The RingDNA Top 51 Sales Influencers on TwitterIt has never been a more exciting time to be in sales. New sales acceleration tools are revolutionizing the way we sell. Customers are becoming more educated about our offerings than ever thanks to inbound marketing. And social media has made it easier than ever to connect with and learn from the most successful sales leaders on the planet.

Here at RingDNA, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most innovative and influential sales leaders around. And if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that there are many different ways to successfully close deals. If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for ideas that can help you sell more successfully. My own quest for sales knowledge is never-ending. Luckily, some of the world’s greatest sales leaders regularly share insight, tips, tactics and thought leadership on Twitter. To that end, we thought it would be helpful to build a list of some of the most essential sales leaders to follow.

Methodology: To build this list of top sales influencers, we measured which twitter profiles our partners and customers are following, favoriting and retweeting most often. We excluded sales leaders from product companies, instead focusing on authors, coaches and consultants. The result is this list of 51 superb sales gurus!
Ready to learn from the greats?

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  • Max Altschuler @MaxAlts

    Author of Hacking Sales. Sales Hacker. Community Builder. World Traveler.

  • Trish Bertuzzi @bridgegroupinc

    Inside Sales Thinker, Writer, Builder. Passionate about all things related to phone, web and social prospecting.

  • Butch Bellah @salespowertips

    Author: Sales Management for Dummies & 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars. Works with salespeople to gain more appts, win more business & retain more customers!

  • Nancy Bleeke @SalesProInsider

    Author of Conversations That Sell-sales enablement-Proven increases w/ 1000s trained Mission to equip sales, service, & leaders make every conversation count.

  • Jeb Blount @SalesGravy

    Founder of Sales Gravy and Author of People Buy You, People Follow You, People Love You and Power Principles. Expert on human behavior in the workplace.

  • Brian G. Burns @BriangBurns

    Host of – The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling PodCast

  • Deb Calvert @PeopleFirstPS

    Sales Expert & Trainer, Leadership & Executive Coach focused on getting people connected, At PFPS, we build organizational strength by putting people first!

  • Paul Castain @paulcastain

    Vice President of Rock Star Development Castain Training Systems. Trainer, Sales Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Keeper of The Whupass

  • Don Cooper @DonCooper

    Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic™ — Sales trainer, keynote speaker & coach for salespeople, business owners & professionals. Follow Don for daily sales tips & more.

  • Melonie Dodaro @MelonieDodaro

    LinkedIn Expert | Keynote Speaker | Social Selling Speaker & Evangelist | Author of #1 Bestseller The LinkedIn Code | CEO, Top Dog Social Media

  • Craig Elias @CraigElias

    Creator of Trigger Event Selling™,author, $1,000,000 prize winner in Billion Dollar Idea Competition, Dadpreneur

  • Jonathan Farrington @topsalesworld

    Jonathan Farrington’s Top Sales World (TSW) is a unique international online sales community providing free resources daily from the industry’s most successful sales experts.

  • Colleen Francis @EngageColleen

    Founder and President of Engage Selling. She is a sales trainer and speaker and co-authored the book Honesty Sells.

  • Patricia Fripp @PFripp

    #Executive Speech Coach, Keynote #Speaker, #Sales #Presentation Skills Expert, #Leadership Presentation Skills, World Champions Edge, #FrippVT, #Frippicism

  • Gerhard Gschwandtner @Gerhard20

    Founder & Publisher of sellingpower.com, sales20conf.com , sales20circle.com

  • Barb Giamanco @barbaragiamanco

    #SocialSelling #CustomerExperience Advisor, Speaker, Author. The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media

  • Jeffrey Gitomer @gitomer

    Bestselling sales author of The Sales Bible and the Little Red Book of Selling.

  • Gretchen Gordon @BraveheartSales

    Speaker and sales team transformation expert, helping businesses increase profitable sales.

  • Peter Gracey @Peter_Gracey

    CEO of @QuotaFactory, #SalesAcceleration software-with-a-service platform driving sales teams to Quota. Advocate for fair treatment of #SalesDev pros worldwide.

  • Gary Hart @SalesDuJour

    Experienced consultant and author of the Sales Du Jour blog.

  • Matt Heinz @HeinzMarketing

    B2B revenue acceleration via sales & marketing strategy, demand generation, sales pipeline & process improvement, retention & renewals.

  • Mark Hunter @TheSalesHunter

    Mark Hunter offers sales motivation tips and proven sales training techniques to help you increase sales, profitably

  • Anthony Iannarino @iannarino

    Anthony Iannarino is one of the foremost B2B sales coaches and bloggers.

  • Geoffrey James @Sales_Source

    Professional speaker, award-winning sales blogger, and author of Business Without the Bullsh*t and How To Say It: B2B Selling.

  • Ron Karr @ronkarr

    Author of Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way. Expert Speaker and Business Coach on Sales, Leadership, Negotiations.

  • Jim Keenan @keenan

    CEO of A Sales Guy Inc. Keenan is a blogger, keynote speaker, coach and sales expert.

  • Alice Kemper @BestSalesTips

    Consummate consultant/trainer – sales, leadership, and customer service! Avid golfer, amateur ornithologist and philanthropist.

  • Jill Konrath @jillkonrath

    Jill Konrath is the bestselling offer of Agile Selling, Selling to BIG Companies and other books. She is one of the most well recognized B2B sales experts and regularly shares her expertise through blogs and social media.

  • Mike Kunkle @Mike_Kunkle

    Sales Force Transformation Leader: #Sales #Training | Sales #Enablement | Sales #Effectiveness

  • Kendra Lee @KendraLeeKLA

    Cutting edge sales strategist; passionate lead generation expert; top seller; author, speaker & president;

  • Eric Lofholm @EricLofholm

    Motivational Speaker and Master Sales Trainer. Seminar Leader and Sales Scripting Expert. Encourager and Mentor.

  • Carole Mahoney >@icarolemahoney

    If I share it, I read it. Believes that great sales people and entrepreneurs can make the world a better place.

  • Paul McCord @paul_mccord

    Forbes Top 30 Social Selling thought leader, training B2B sellers and sales teams to find and connect with great prospects.

  • Heather R Morgan @HeatherReyhan

    Cold email expert. Founder of Salesfolk.

  • Nancy Nardin @sellingtools

    Leads an advisory firm specializing in sales productivity tools & advanced selling strategies. Recognized as a #Top50 Most retweeted Vendor by B2B Marketers.

  • Andy Paul @ZeroTimeSelling

    Author of Zero-Time Selling. Leading expert on Selling with Maximum Impact and the strategies, tactics and processes to make it happen for you.

  • Lori Richardson @scoremoresales

    Lori Richardson is the founder of Score More Sales and is an expert on mid-market sales strategies.

  • Jill Rowley @jill_rowley

    Startup Advisor. Keynote Speaker. Social Selling Evangelist. Modern Marketing Expert. Determined to elevate the profession of Sales.

  • Jamie Shanks@jamietshanks

    Social Selling Expert | Social Selling Training | Social Lead Generation | Social Recruiting | Partner @ Sales for Life

  • Tibor Shanto @TiborShanto

    Tibor Shanto is award winning author, speaker, B2B sales execution specialist.

  • Leanne Hoagland Smith@CoachLee

    Sales coach to small and medium sized businesses and author of The Red jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits.

  • Elinor Stutz @smoothsale

    Inspirational Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and Sales Consultant at Smooth Sale, A Sales Training Company.

  • Colleen Stanley @EiSelling

    Colleen Stanley is president of SalesLeadership, Inc., a sales development firm. They are experts at building emotionally intelligent sales organizations.

  • Babette Ten Haken @babettetenhaken

    Business Coach & Management Consultant | Growth strategies for SMB & Startups w/ unpredictable revenue streams |Author & Speaker -Entrepreneurs & Collaboration|

  • Dan Waldschmidt @DanWaldo

    Billion Dollar Deal Maker, Best Selling Author, Extreme Runner, Motivator, Helping You Succeed

  • Andrea Waltz @GoforNo

    Helping people overcome Fear of Failure & Rejection. Co-Author, best-selling book, Go for No! & Keynote Speaker.

  • Mike Weinberg @mike_weinberg

    New Business Dev & Sales management consultant, coach, speaker & author of New Sales Simplified.

  • Wendy Weiss @wendyweiss

    Wendy Weiss, is an author, speaker, sales trainer, and sales coach. She is a leading authority on lead generation, cold calling and new business development.

  • Craig Wortmann @craigwortmann

    Sales Pro, Keynote Speaker, CEO @SalesEngine, Professor at Chicago Booth Business School, Author of What’s Your Story?, Dad, Storyteller

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  1. Just caught this in one of my alerts. Sorry I missed it the other day. Thanks for including me and for the methodology you used. Usually I know everyone on these lists, and this time, while I did know many of your chosen tweeters, I picked up a few new good people to follow. Thanks for that, and again for including me. Stay the course.

  2. Great post mate. I have been watching a lot of these feeds for a while and they post some great stuff.
    With a recent Viral Post, ‘The Seven Self-destructive Sales Mindsets’, an a nomination for the “Best Sales Blogger Award” I hope to make the list next time.
    Matthew Pollard

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