RingDNA Spottings at Dreamforce

Thanks to everyone who sported their RingDNA Retro Receivers at the Dreamforce conference today, and especially those of you who posted pics on Twitter. We enjoyed talking to many of you up in the terrific Twilio Booth in Moscone West, as well as in the jaw-droppingly cool Appirio Club. We’ll be there all week, so please drop by to give us feedback on the new RingDNA iPad app.

Have an idea for the next update? Tell us about it.

Howard and Jermaine Dupree

















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William Tyree

William Tyree is Chief Marketing Officer at RingDNA. William brings 14 years experience creating winning growth strategies for Fortune 1000 companies. His articles have appeared in Harvard Review, The Atlantic, ProBlogger, The Salesforce Blog, Entrepreneur and elsewhere.


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