ringDNA CEO discusses AI’s impact on the labor market with Bloomberg

1 min readDecember 9, 2019

ringDNA Founder and CEO recently joined Bloomberg’s The Close to discuss artificial intelligence and its impact on the labor market.

Rather than the common misconception that AI will take jobs from both blue and white-collar workers, Howard says that AI will actually augment those works to help them be better at their jobs.

“We see artificial intelligence really helping provide better experiences to customers.”

In the case of ringDNA, AI helps sales, marketing, and support teams actually connect better with their prospects, and allows them to have a more engaging, effective conversation.

Howard says that AI will, “Bring more human benefit to the work environment,” and that it is, “truly humanizing the workforce and making people more productive and more satisfied with what they are doing.”

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Zack Cronin

Zack is a Sales Content Specialist at RingDNA. He is passionate about solving everyday problems and increasing performance through innovative technology. Zack has worked directly with sales teams and understands the challenges they face on a daily basis. When he's not developing and sharing knowledge at RingDNA, he loves being outdoors, hiking, and coffee.