See ringDNA in Action at the RevGen Insight Summit in Cancun, MX

From March 2 to 4, 2020 join ringDNA, as well as brilliant senior sales and revenue leaders from across North America. Together, the group will discuss current and future industry challenges and cover how to best tackle and overcome them.

Key topics include:

  • The buyer journey
  • Sales technologies
  • Sales productivity
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Diversity and inclusion in the sales force
  • Aligning the sales and marketing functions

Discussions will include case studies, workshops, debates, collaborative sessions, and even one-on-ones tailored to your individual needs.

Learn more and apply to attend here.


About the Author

Zack Cronin

Zack is a Sales Content Specialist at RingDNA. He is passionate about solving everyday problems and increasing performance through innovative technology. Zack has worked directly with sales teams and understands the challenges they face on a daily basis. When he's not developing and sharing knowledge at RingDNA, he loves being outdoors, hiking, and coffee.