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Recapping Our Amazing Week

3 min readDecember 6, 2017

TeamThis past week was an incredibly exciting one at RingDNA. First, we received national recognition for the amazing work environment and culture we strive to build each and every day. We then capped it all off with the announcement of our partnership with AWS and an appearance at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas to launch our conversation analytics platform, Conversation AI, which provides organizations with insights they never imagined would be possible.

To start the week off, we were named to four separate Comparably awards and featured in USA Today numerous times. To me, these awards are particularly special because they are solely based on anonymous employee reviews. This means that our team feels so strongly about their coworkers, company culture, product, and our clients, that they placed us among revered companies like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and many others.

By the end of the week, we were on Comparably’s Best Places to Work, Best Managers, Best for Diversity, and Best CEOs. I believe that these awards are a direct reflection of our mission at RingDNA. We constantly work to create a product and culture that changes the way sales teams do business, make conversations more personal, and create true connections, something that happens at a personal level within our company on a daily basis. The awards also come at an incredible time for our company. We are expanding, growing, and innovating in new ways to truly shape the future of customer conversations.

On Thursday I had the honor of taking the stage at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas with Vikram Anbazhagan and Hassan Sawaf. Re:Invent is the largest global conference focused on cloud computing and serves to showcase and provide education on their services, products, and features. Spanning a full five days, with over 40,000 attendees, and 1,100 sessions across six different Las Vegas resorts, the absolute size of re:Invent was something to behold.

After Vikram and Hassan introduced Amazon Transcribe, I unveiled RingDNA Conversation AI as part of the launch. I was able to show RingDNA to the huge crowd of bleeding edge developers and technologists and demonstrate the power of conversation analytics.

Using AWS Transcribe, Conversation AI surfaces the data hidden within each and every call to gain visibility into customer interactions. RingDNA Conversation AI transcribes millions of call recordings, annotations, scorecards, sentiment, metadata, and then categorizes the data to surface trends and coachable moments. These insights help teams dramatically increase productivity, engage in smarter sales conversations, gain predictive sales insights, and coach reps to success faster than ever before. They also improve improve sales team performance, test new campaigns, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce customer churn.  Voice transcription is obviously a critical component in this process, which is why we partner with AWS to power our transcription services, deep learning and Artificial intelligence.

While we are only at the genesis of our AI powered sales coaching platform the insights and results have already been phenomenal. Voice is the new user experience, I’m extremely passionate about where we will take it.

You can watch the introduction of Amazon Transcribe and Conversation AI here.

We are all honored and humbled by the attention and praise that we have received, and I am excited to share Conversation AI with you!

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About the Author

Howard Brown

Howard Brown is a three-time entrepreneur with a proven track record of success and innovation in marketing, sales, and cloud computing. Thanks to his study and practice of clinical psychology as a marriage and family therapist, he brings a unique perspective to the technology companies he has created. With his newest venture, RingDNA, Howard has combined his passion for the science of conversation with his expertise in revenue performance optimization. RingDNA is poised to transform the sales industry through integrated communications, data science, user-centric design, and optimized workflow.