• ringdna sales pipeline tips

    5 Smarter Ways to Build a Sales Pipeline

    Your sales pipeline is the fuel line that powers your sales process and turns leads into revenue. A pipeline typically consists of stages that sales prospects advance through as they become a customer. Beginning with […]

  • ringdna sales prospecting tools

    Critical attributes of a good B2B prospecting tool

    In TOPO’s 2019 Sales Development Benchmark report, 88 percent of the participants cited outbound sales development representatives as essential to their success. Since outbound reps typically perform prospecting, it is therefore essential that your reps […]

  • ringdna hire sdr

    SDR Traits to Hire For

    In TOPO’s 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report, 88% of respondents cited SDRs as an important channel in their outbound strategy. Combined with an increasing emphasis on the importance of live call execution and conversational skills, […]

  • ringdna sales tech scale

    A better way to scale a sales team

    Scaling, or the stage that follows the growth phase of an organization, is especially hard on a sales team. At this point of growth, significant executive attention and pressure is placed on new revenue growth. […]