The Power of Local Caller ID for Outbound Sales Calls

When our phones ring and we see a toll-free number or unfamiliar area code, the first thought we have is that someone is trying to sell us something.

That’s why calls from local phone numbers tend to have much higher answer and conversion rates. In fact, studies have found that people are four times more likely to answer a call from a local number than a toll-free one. The same study found that people are only 13 percent more likely to answer a call from an out of state area code.

When we see a local number appear on our screens, we wonder if it may be someone’s number we didn’t save, if it’s the restaurant confirming a reservation, or the dry cleaning saying it’s ready to be picked up. Inside sales reps are using this psychology to talk to more of their prospects.

The problem is that most sales teams are just not equipped to dynamically set local numbers in their outbound caller ID. When a hot lead comes in, you might want to get a local number quickly, but it’s a process that could take weeks to get one from the phone company. It would be silly to wait that long. That’s why there’s local presence. Local presence dialers allow reps to call prospects using numbers with area codes that match their location.

It’s clear that local presence works, but it shouldn’t impact reps’ productivity. Adding more steps to simply dial a number complicates an already simple process and can lead to a loss of efficiency. At RingDNA we believe that local presence dialing should be as efficient as a normal call. When a rep places a call using our Intelligent Dialer, the system automatically chooses a number with an area code that matches the dialed number and places the outbound call.

We also take it a step further. When a prospect doesn’t pick up the phone but decides they want to call the rep back, they will naturally dial the local number. Many local presence dialers return that call to a general sales line, where the prospect will speak to an entirely different rep or have to be transferred to the original dialer. RingDNA will actually recognize the caller and route the prospect back to the original rep, creating a seamless experience.

Now sit back, relax and watch those answer rates soar.

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Zack Cronin

Zack is a Content Marketing Specialist at RingDNA. He is passionate about solving everyday problems and increasing performance through innovative technology. Zack has worked directly with sales teams and understands the challenges they face on a daily basis. When he's not developing and sharing knowledge at RingDNA, he loves being outdoors, hiking, and coffee.

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