Introducing the Selling with Purpose Podcast

1 min readJuly 8, 2020

ringDNA is incredibly excited to announce the Selling with Purpose Podcast. Hosted by bestselling author Andy Paul, this limited miniseries explores nuanced and inspired conversations about what it means and how to sell with purpose in the era of COVID-19 and beyond.

Join Andy as he talks with the world’s leading enterprise sales executives about how they have successfully taken their sales teams remote. See how they’ve supported essential workers with products and services they need to stay safe and thrive during this time of crisis and learn how selling with a sense of purpose can help you form stronger and more impactful connections with customers now and in the future.

Get answers to questions like What does it mean to sell with purpose? How can you bring immediacy and purpose to every conversation, no matter what you’re selling? What if success doesn’t just mean one more closed sale, but one more life saved?

Listen to Selling with Purpose now.

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About the Author

Zack Cronin

Zack is a Sales Content Specialist at RingDNA. He is passionate about solving everyday problems and increasing performance through innovative technology. Zack has worked directly with sales teams and understands the challenges they face on a daily basis. When he's not developing and sharing knowledge at RingDNA, he loves being outdoors, hiking, and coffee.