Close 4X More Deals with RingDNA’s Intelligent Dialer for [Video]

What percentage of time do your inside sales reps spend actually selling? A CSO Insights study found that sales reps spend an average of 20% of their time researching prospects before making calls. And while offers reps the ability to log vital data after sales calls, let’s face it – this takes up a lot of valuable time (providing your reps are taking the time to log data at all).

RingDNA_Success_MetricsRingDNA makes inside sales reps more productive before, during and after every call. By using our softphone app, reps can:

  • Improve lead close rates by 4X
  • Virtually eliminate call prep time
  • Log and record every call in Salesforce

Our softphone for takes one minute to install in any Google Chrome browser. Once installed, RingDNA slashes the time reps spend researching prospects. RingDNA delivers prospects’ social media and company news feeds into a single UI. When they’re ready, reps can call any lead and contact with a single click. Once on a call, RingDNA enables reps to quickly rate calls, log call outcomes and take notes–all of which are saved in automatically. Call metrics and entire call recordings are automatically logged in, minimizing post-call administrative tasks.

Our latest video not only shows how easy RingDNA is to use and install, but also how powerful it is.

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