Introducing Our New Inside Sales Glossary

Are you not quite sure what a predictive dialer is? How about CTIs, IVRs, or mobile CRMs?  Or maybe you’ve heard the term, but aren’t 100% clear on the definition of inside sales.

Sale DefinitionIf so, you’re not alone. More and more companies are moving to an inside sales model. And as sales organizations migrate to a remote sales model, there’s a veritable new world of terms, processes and technologies that need to be understood in order to maximize inside sales success. Here at RingDNA, we thought it could be helpful to create an inside sales glossary that provides definitions of some of the terms most commonly used by inside sales reps and managers. 

When I began my own career in inside sales, I was confronted with this new language that I quickly had to become well-versed in. It can be overwhelming to say the least! They are also terms that we commonly discuss on our blogs, eBooks and on our website.

We firmly believe that providing education about inside sales technology is a win-win for our prospects and our business. First of all, the more companies know about the sorts of inside sales tools available, the easier it is for them to choose the best solutions. Also, since RingDNA is so rich with features, the more our prospects know about what RingDNA can do, the easier it is for us to sell our solutions.

So if you’re new to the inside sales game or simply looking to expand your knowledge of inside sales terminology, check out our new inside sales glossary.


About the Author

Jesse Davis

Jesse Davis is a sales and marketing strategist and Sr. Content Marketing Manager at RingDNA. Over the past decade, Davis has honed his business communications skills working as an inside sales manager, business writer and agency marketer. He is a proponent of utilizing platform technology and evidence-based methodologies to optimize creative campaigns, marketing ROI and sales performance.

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