49 Insights about Inbound Sales Prospecting from the Twitter #ProspectingChat

RingDNA CEO, Howard Brown, joined our friends AG Salesworks for “ProspectingChat on Twitter. This edition of #ProspectingChat, focused specifically on inbound prospecting techniques.

Inbound sales prospectingAt first glance, “inbound prospecting” might seem like an oxymoron. When most people think of sales prospecting, they think about outbound prospecting techniques like building lead lists or cold calling. But more and more sales teams are realizing that just because a prospect dials or emails your business, it doesn’t mean that they are automatically sales-ready. Having spent years working in primarily inbound sales, I know that there is a lot of prospecting that is involved, from qualifying leads to understanding how to best help them solve pain points.

So what inbound sales techniques really work? To find out, AG Salesworks asked Howard and other participants some pointed questions about inbound prospecting. Here is a summary of the discussion (as told through tweets):

Thanks again to the AGSalesworks team for putting together such an interesting chat. Check out our latest eBook on lead qualification for help qualifying and converting more inbound leads!


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