How to Automatically Log Calls in Salesforce

Calls might be the most important of all sales activities. Think about it – all the emails your inside sales reps send, and all the social outreach is designed to get prospects on the phone. The phone is where deals really move forward, and it is usually where they’re closed. 

Without logging every call in Salesforce, managers are missing out on crucial visibility that can empower them to identify which reps are most active and efficient. Without logging calls, you can only wonder whether reps are following up with leads enough times. You’ll never know which leads reps are prioritizing. And you can wave goodbye to intelligent revenue predictions, since you’ll never be able to accurately predict how many calls it takes to drive opportunities and revenue. 

You might ask, “So how do I log a call in Salesforce?” Well, as the saying goes, we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way.

In this case, the hard way is logging calls in Salesforce manually, while the easy way is adopting a solution like RingDNA to automatically log 100% of your sales reps’ in Salesforce. While we built our product on the belief that logging calls automatically gives reps a powerful advantage, we’ve also provided an explanation of how to do it the hard way.

The Hard Way: How to Manually Log Calls in Salesforce From Your Desk

log calls in Salesforce

Salesforce natively gives users the ability to log calls manually. However, this can take up reps’ valuable time (if they take the time to log calls at all.) Here’s how to log calls manually from your desktop.

Step 1: Log into

Step 2: Select the lead or contact that you want to log a call for.

Step 3: Once you are in the contact record, scroll down to the activity history list and select Log a Call.

Step 4: You can then enter the subject as a reminder of what the call is about.

Step 5: Finally, just log the date of the call by setting the Due Date to the date you made the call.

The Hard Way: How to Manually Log Calls in Salesforce from Your Mobile Device

Salesforce 1 manual call loggingUsing the Salesforce1 app, you can manually log calls in Salesforce from your mobile devices as well. This is a nice feature, but it still requires reps to want to log a call in Salesforce and then take the time to do so.

Here’s how to log calls with Salesforce1:

Step 1: Open a lead or contact record

Step 2: Click on the “Plus Sign” icon at the bottom left of the lead or contact page

Step 3: Scroll over to the Log Call icon

Step 4: Enter the subject, call type, call disposition, comments or any other call info you would like to log

Step 5: Click “Submit” to append the call data to their lead or contact record.

The Easy Way: How to Automate Call Logging in Salesforce

macbookpro_lightning-leads-softphoneSure, Salesforce enables reps to manually log calls, but this can be time-consuming. Reps using RingDNA never have to worry about manually logging calls in Salesforce. There are no steps one through five. By simply using RingDNA to dial leads, outbound calls are automatically logged to Salesforce as activities and appended to the appropriate lead or contact record along with any relevant notes and call dispositions. And those calls can be used to power a barrage of real-time dashboards that can give you moment-to-moment insight into whether reps are on pace to hit key goals and shatter their sales records. The result is that you can use call metrics to optimize your team in real time.

And when calls come in to a RingDNA number, they are automatically logged as well. New leads and contact records can be created in Salesforce on the fly. RingDNA logs 100% of calls without requiring any additional work.

The results can be powerful. Imagine if a rep has to log 50 calls in Salesforce manually. If it takes a minute and a half to log each call, that’s 75 minutes each day. Reps that make 100 calls a day (a common benchmark) might spend two and a half hours each day logging data in Salesforce. In this case, RingDNA would enable reps to make over 30% more calls each day, enabling them to hit quota that much faster. RingDNA’s intelligent dialer give your reps the power to dial more leads, close more deals and drive more ROI.

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