Ready to End the Era of Generic Sales Messaging? [Webinar]

For inside sales teams, the debate between account-based selling and lead-based selling is raging (quick answer: do both!). So too is the question of whether automated sales messaging is helping or hurting sales reps (quick answer: hurting, mostly). But perhaps the biggest crisis facing the sales industry is really the volume of one-size-fits-all messaging that is killing engagement rates.

That’s why we’re tackling that topic in an on-demand webinarFrom Cold to Customer: How to Maximize Sales Engagement With Personalized Messaging.

How are the world’s top sales teams creating exponentially more opportunities using personalized sales messaging? Join us for an on-demand webinar.

Our incredible panel includes:

John Barrows (sales coach to Box, Salesforce, etc),

Heather R. Morgan (sales email provider with clients like Lyft and KISSMetrics)

Howard Brown (RingDNA founder)

See you there!


About the Author

William Tyree

William Tyree is Chief Marketing Officer at RingDNA. William brings 14 years experience creating winning growth strategies for Fortune 1000 companies. His articles have appeared in Harvard Review, The Atlantic, ProBlogger, The Salesforce Blog, Entrepreneur and elsewhere.

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