Ready to End the Era of Generic Sales Messaging? [Webinar]

For inside sales teams, the debate between account-based selling and lead-based selling is raging (quick answer: do both!). So too is the question of whether automated sales messaging is helping or hurting sales reps (quick answer: hurting, mostly). But perhaps the biggest crisis facing the sales industry is really the volume of one-size-fits-all messaging that is killing engagement rates.

That’s why we’re tackling that topic in an on-demand webinarFrom Cold to Customer: How to Maximize Sales Engagement With Personalized Messaging.

How are the world’s top sales teams creating exponentially more opportunities using personalized sales messaging? Join us for an on-demand webinar.

Our incredible panel includes:

John Barrows (sales coach to Box, Salesforce, etc),

Heather R. Morgan (sales email provider with clients like KISSMetrics)

Howard Brown (RingDNA founder)

See you there!


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