Our new eBook, 7 Essential Salesforce Dashboards for Predicting Inside Sales Success

Ready to manage your sales team like the world’s top inside sales experts?

3d-cover-7-essential-dashboardsAt Dreamforce, one of our most popular sessions was one in which we asked a panel of some of the world’s top sales coaches to weigh in on their best and worst sales metrics. We’ve now distilled the collective wisdom of all those in attendance – including not only our panel, but also our audience – into this visually eye-popping eBook made for companies using Salesforce to track sales activity, efficiency and results.

I guarantee that you’ll learn something new, but what gets me most excited is what you’ll learn about your own business drivers. At the end of the eBook, we’ve included a worksheet in which you’ll be asked about your own sales values, including:

  • lead response time
  • opportunity handling
  • inbound sales process
  • outbound sales process
  • competition tracking
  • deal size
  • role specialization

The goal is to help you discover the metrics you should be tracking and lead you toward building your own dream dashboard in Salesforce.


About the Author

William Tyree

William Tyree is Chief Marketing Officer at RingDNA. William brings 14 years experience creating winning growth strategies for Fortune 1000 companies. His articles have appeared in Harvard Review, The Atlantic, ProBlogger, The Salesforce Blog, Entrepreneur and elsewhere.

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