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Ever been curious about the return on investment your competitors are getting from their technology investments? While the sales acceleration ROI story is one we at RingDNA hear every single day, many companies are still trying to make sense of how best to use sales technology (let alone how to measure ROI!). Both questions are well […]
So you’re going to Dreamforce. Aside from customer or partner meetings you may have, there’s also a seemingly endless assortment of  attractive events and activities. How do you choose where to spend your valuable time? Having attended every Dreamforce since 2008, I know more than anyone how difficult it is to plan your schedule. The quality […]
It’s almost time for Dreamforce again, and this year I’m honored to be moderating two panels that are filled with top sales experts from some of the world’s most successful enterprise and growth-stage companies. Both panels are scheduled for Tuesday October 4, with each addressing a vital challenge that sales teams face today. Our first session is called Selling Globally: […]
If you think of your entire sales organization as a car, then that car’s engine is your sales operations team. Even though it can’t be seen by drivers, it is working constantly to propel your sales teams forward to their goal. Your sales operations team’s job is not only to help sales run smoothly, but […]
Recently, we’ve been deluged with sales teams looking for a Lightning ready voice communications platform for Salesforce. It’s easy to understand why, since Lightning has a sexy interface and is slowly but steadily closing functionality gaps that exist with Salesforce Classic. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about what’s possible in regards to telephony integration with Lightning. […]
Years ago, when we were building the original prototype for what would become RingDNA, we knew that we would have to deliver dramatic gains in productivity, engagement and performance insight for our customers. But we went about that task with the confidence that there was one critical element we didn’t have to worry about: finding high-quality voice carriers for […]
As a Salesforce Administrator you are a jack of all trades. You are in charge of writing an advanced cross-object formula to the mundane task of helping an employee reset their password. As an #awesomeadmin your toolkit should include knowledge about telephony and computer telephony integration (a.k.a. CTI) in Salesforce. Here’s what you need to […]
Salesforce hasn’t always had an inside sales team. In fact, it’s something we backed into based on a need. This meant that the only way to learn how to build this kind of team was to do it while on the job. When we’ve failed, we’ve failed fast, and moved on. Not only have we […]
Earlier this year, the RingDNA product team rolled out international local presence dialing to an expanded list of countries, making it far easier for reps in Europe and elsewhere to have more conversations when calling from one country to the next. Now we’ve taken it one step further by enabling reps to add a preset for the country […]
Great sales operations managers are always on the lookout for new ways to enable reps to sell better. According to TOPO HQ, high growth teams are leveraging an average of five technologies in their sales stack. However, before adding a new tool, it’s important to make sure it will play well with your other applications. Here are seven […]
Telephony and Salesforce go together like toast and Nutella. So if your reps are spending any substantial portion of their time on the phone, it only makes sense to integrate call data with Salesforce. Why? Because when telephony integrates with Salesforce the possibilities are virtually limitless. Vital call data can be auto-logged in CRM, actionable prospect data can […]
The following guest post is authored by Amanda Nelson, Senior Manager of AppExchange Content and Community at Salesforce.  If Salesforce is a giant ship, an experienced captain must be at the helm to steer it to success. Salesforce admins are that captain. They decide which sails to trim, and where to steer their ship in […]