BuiltIn publishes interview with ringDNA VP of Product Jeff Shelton on AI trends

1 min readDecember 12, 2019

BuiltInLA recently interviewed ringDNA VP of Product Jeff Shelton on trends within the AI space. In the article, Jeff covers what trends he is paying attention to right now, as well as where ringDNA is headed.

Jeff discusses how effective AI is for actually helping humans be more human. We can use AI to analyze conversations that occur through various methods, like phone conversations, text messages, and emails to ultimately help humans connect and communicate better. Artificial intelligence won’t replace people, but it will help us engage with one another better.

Also covered is how ringDNA uses science to inform the lost art of conversation and the impact that it has had on our customers and users.

Read the full article here. 


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Zack Cronin

Zack is a Sales Content Specialist at RingDNA. He is passionate about solving everyday problems and increasing performance through innovative technology. Zack has worked directly with sales teams and understands the challenges they face on a daily basis. When he's not developing and sharing knowledge at RingDNA, he loves being outdoors, hiking, and coffee.