5 Ways RingDNA Can Help You Scale Your Sales Team

As any small-to-mid-sized sales team can attest, growing your team can prove challenging. It begins with finding the right candidate, training them, enabling them, and then seeing (and optimizing) results. By using RingDNA, sales training and enablement can be easier than you’ve ever thought possible. And the results can be staggering. Here are seven ways RingDNA can powerfully impact your sales team to help you scale quickly and effectively.


RingDNA makes it easy to scale your sales team globally

Onboarding Has Never Been Easier

With RingDNA, onboarding of new reps is as easy as downloading a Chrome Extension and is completed in just a few minutes. Our entire implementation process typically takes a day or less. And once your team is up and running, RingDNA provides unlimited support. We will make sure that your reps get the training they need and will be standing by to provide additional support to ensure that your investment in RingDNA is a success. And since adoption is crucial with any sales tool, having a tool as easy to use is important to achieving that adoption. RingDNA offers such a friendly interface and is extremely easy to use resulting in the high adoption rates that you’re looking for in a sales acceleration tool

Encourage Teamwork

The key word in “Sales Team” truly is “Team.” We don’t believe that a sink-or-swim sales environment is effective. That’s why we built features to help your new hires learn your business as quickly and successfully as possible from your own sales rock stars. When you’re using RingDNA, you’re able to assign people to Teams. Reps can then monitor top reps on their team and listen to rockstar reps while they’re on calls. Reps can silently listen in and hear how top reps position your product, address the competition and overcome objections. And since RingDNA also offers call recordings, we’ve had several customers use a repository of model calls in order to help train reps.

Coach Reps to Success

When reps begin making their own sales calls, the reality is that their sales pitch might not be entirely refined yet, and that’s ok. As a managers, you can use the “Monitor” function to help coach your reps to be more successful. By listening in to each call, you can provide reps with actionable feedback that is saved to Salesforce in real time. Let your reps know your thoughts when they revisit the activity, or at the end of the week, or whenever your coaching meetings occur. You can even run a report on all of your Supervisor Notes for that rep in order to track their progress and see how they’re improving.

Leverage Powerful Sales Analytics

It’s an amazing thing when reps have access to their own dashboards and can hold themselves accountable. RingDNA offers some incredible reports and dashboards that help your reps maintain accountability, by offering true insight into where they might be succeeding or falling short. By seeing how they stack up against other team members in terms of connections, opportunities and wins, they can reach out to more successful reps or their managers for guidance when they’re falling short. Dashboards can also help reps reach the realization that they’re calling at the wrong time of day, or falling short on the value prop. Conversely, reps can actually see what time of day yields the most pick ups, or even A/B test voicemails to see what verbiage leads to the most callbacks.  

Scale Internationally with Local Presence

Scaling a company globally is no easy task, but RingDNA can make it easier, and help your team see more connections. Local Presence Dialing is a familiar feature to a lot of salespeople in companies big and small, because people are more likely to answer if a phone number looks familiar. But most dynamic local dialing solutions just don’t work internationally. However, RingDNA has solved that problem. With RingDNA you can call the UK from the US, and still show a local UK area code. Same goes for almost 50 other countries in EMEA and APAC.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an incredible example of this. They’ve scaled their team globally, and have seen a 4x increase in call connections using our International Local Presence dialing. Their case study can be viewed here.

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